Meet Joey
To know Joey is to love him.  You can’t walk away without a smile on your face after a conversation with this ‘hope dealer.’ Known as the harmonica playing, rapping, shouting, wild man of a preacher, Joey is as bold as a lion with an uncommon kindness and love for people that influences all of those around him.  
A preacher’s kid who responded to the call to preach at age 16 and never looked back. Traveling and preaching since the age of 18, he has been all over the world preaching the gospel and never second guesses when the Lord says “Go”.  
Joey is an evangelist at heart who has preached from the dirt floor churches of Mexico, to outdoor crusades in India, from leper colonies in the smallest villages, to large conventions in the States.  Everywhere Joey goes, he has seen people delivered and set free when they hear the uncompromised Word of God.  He has witnessed the power of God cause the deaf to hear, the blind to see, and the lame to walk. Joey believes that we are truly living just before the return of the Lord and endeavors to walk according to Luke 4:18 and Acts 10:38.   
Joey graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1998.  He has pioneered 3 successful youth ministries, helped several churches develop local outreach and missions programs, and founded the Dream Center of northern New England where he was the senior pastor for 7 years.  He has mentored dozens of young people who are in full time ministry today, 
Joey is the author of 2 powerful mini books, Say What and Say Win.  They will teach you the power of your words and how to increase your boldness to win the lost.
To quote Jeremy Pearsons (founder of Pearsons Ministries International) 
“Joey Roberts has what I call old school boldness. It’s a rare breed of faith that is as authentic as it is audacious, one that undoubtedly puts a smile on God’s face”
Joey is as spontaneous as they come, a lover of all things outdoors, from hiking, rock-climbing, snow-boarding, camping, exploring, bike-riding, general adventure-seeking, and has a particular love for camp-fires.  He is always in the drivers seat and in the last 7 years has put over 250,000 miles and close to that amount of stickers on his car! He does the cooking at home and makes some mean BBQ, (come check it out for yourself at the BBQ and Bible Study).  He is a collector of “mantiques” and mid-century modern furniture and can out-shop his wife any day of the week.  If he’s not in the pulpit, he can be found at a yard sale, the disc-golf course, the beach or in the car!  
Get to know Joey and you will be well fed, develop cool taste, be challenged to live life more adventurously and with a passion for loving God and loving people.    
Meet Kirsten
Kirsten was born in Welkom, South Africa, where her family has lived for generations. Kirsten’s immediate family moved to San Diego when she was 8 years old, but she kept the South African accent and a love for crunchies, biltong, Christmas pudding and Marmite!
Kirsten started dancing as soon as she could walk and has never stopped.  She has danced professionally with San Diego Ballet, Southern California Ballet and Tony Williams Urban Nutcracker.  She also performs at churches, conferences and events and it is her passion and joy to glorify God with the art of dance.
She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010 and loves helping people.  She is an APPI certified Pilates instructor, a sought after presenter, a teacher, preacher, and an animal lover.  
Raised in a household of faith and married to a man of faith, her heart is to demonstrate the love of God to everyone she comes in contact with.    
An adventure lover and explorer (which is a good thing if you have ever met her husband!)  She enjoys traveling, and loves to learn languages and studied french in the “City of Lights” (Paris) for a semester.  Throughout all her travels, she will always be grateful for the amazing country that she now calls home and grateful to her parents for the sacrifices they made to bring their family to America the beautiful!  
Currently based in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and little dog Annie, learning to use ‘y’all’, wear boots, and eat bbq! 
So grateful to be loved with the everlasting love of the Creator of the universe, desperate to show the world how good He is, 
“Preach Jesus, use words if necessary”