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  • Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    If your fight today is with someTHING or someONE there will never be real victory. The world will forever be tossed back n forth from one idea to the other. Politically, economically, with values, etc. because it is ruled by a broken system and dominated by the enemy of mankind. The Bible says in 2 Cor. 4:4 that “satan, the god of this world has blinded the unbeliever so that they cannot see the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God.” IT IS TIME TO LET THE LIGHT SHINE! We as believers must not get caught up in what we SEE going on in this world and continue to act like WE DON’T KNOW WHO OUR LIGHT IS or WHO IS IN CONTROL!
    There are many things in this world that seem wrong and broken. There are many things that we would like to see different or changed. BUT they don’t change by complaining about it or posting our grievances on social media like everybody else! They change when WE BEGIN TO PRAY! They change when WE LET THE LIGHT OF THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF CHRIST WHO IS THE IMAGE OF GOD SHINE BRIGHT FOR ALL TO SEE!!! And don’t forget WHO HE IS… I Jn. 4:7, 8 – HE IS LOVE!!! Let’s keep our focus today! Let’s set our eyes on Jesus and stay seated with Him right next to our Heavenly Father! Let’s raise our voice in PRAYER and thanksgiving!… knowing that the God of our salvation knows the end from the beginning! He has set things in motion since before the foundation of the world and WE ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY! Our victory is our faith! I Jn 5:4 says “this is the victory that overcomes the world our FAITH.” Let your FAITH be seen by all men! Let your FAITH be seen on social media! Let your FAITH be seen and heard today! You never know who is reading and who is being affected by what you post. You have the power to change lives with your words.
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How big is your mountain?

This is less of a Blog and more of a thought-provoking statement … and an excuse to use this photo I took at Rocky Mountain National Park!! 😉
Seriously though – this is something that I have been pondering over for a while now…
Are you telling God how big your mountain/problem is?
Or are you telling your mountain/problem how big your God is?
It is an age old concept, that probably many of us would tend to read right past and think, yeah I know….. but… stop and think about it for a moment.  When was the last time you talked to the problem you are facing, laughed at it even, realized how minuscule it is when compared to the greatness of your God?  
Also, think of your last conversation and prayer time with the Lord.  What did it primarily consist of?  I’m preaching to myself here folks!  Yes, there are some things that we are supposed to ASK God for… but there are other things that we are never commanded to ask for or about, but rather we are given the authority to SPEAK to (circumstances, lack, pain, illness, not enough – lets read our bibles and find out our rights!).  
God is so patient with us, so long-suffering, endless in mercy and loving-kindness.  But I wonder sometimes,, He’s gotta be thinking- COME ON KIDS!!  Will someone just use the recipe I laid out?!  It is so simple after all!  KNOW my will.  BELIEVE me. Recognize that your ‘mountain’ is temporal and insignificant when compared to my love for you.  SPEAK to it, cast it into the sea (Mark 11:22-23), then FOGETABOUDIT!!  Keep you FAITH talk positive and THANK me!
Then just come and ENJOY my presence… and my presents…
Hope that helps someone!
Love you,