FORT WORTH
                          bible study & worship  
In 2016 we launched the “BBQ and Bible Study” with our friends Troy and Taffi Marino (www.marinoministries.org) in our neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX.  
In 2017 we relaunched calling it 
DWELL FORT WORTH (Worship and Bible Study)
Without fail, the Holy Ghost shows up to speak to and through people to uplift, encourage and give a word in season. Come and join us for some food, fellowship, worship, and the word.   
Next DWELL is January 4th
  TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Central Christian Church
3205 Hamilton Ave
Fort Worth, TX
RSVP: (951) 473-0857
God spoke to us in 2015 about hosting a Bible study in our neighborhood.  The results have been fantastic!  We have never felt this close to our neighbors!  Lives are being changed!  We have so many testimonies of the goodness of God in our neighborhood!  
The phrase “Holy Ghost Meetings” kept coming up in our hearts every time we thought about doing a local Bible study.  At first we were apprehensive about advertising “Holy Ghost meetings.”  Now it’s just about the only way to describe what is happening.  The Holy Ghost shows up every time we get together!  Great things are happening and it’s growing!  
We have been packing people into the living room and we are experiencing a move of God together.  It is so exciting!  
Thank you for your prayers and support!  This is last days ministry and we love it!